Speedpassion media

by Christoffer Lindèn

Speedpassion Media

Speedpassion is growing and opens a media section managed by Christoffer Lindén. Christoffer has already previously worked as Area Sales Manager for SpeedPassion driving experience days. During 2019 he started his career as a journalist for the F1 Support series, mainly F2 and F3 races. He already has had exclusive interviews with the most significant profiles in collaboration with Sportime Magazin, such as:

2020 F1 Williams driver Nicholas Latifi 
2020 F1 Williams Reserve driver Jack Aitken 
2019 F2 Champion Nyck de Vries
2019 F3 World Cup Champion Richard Verschoor

Speedpassion media will cover motorsport series, mostly focused on Formula 1 and their support categories.

Christoffer Lindén and Tony Svartsjö at F2 support paddock in Abu Dhabi 2019

Services within media

  • Motorsport coverage
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Press releases
  • Video & Audio production

Contact information

Christoffer Lindén
Phone: +358 40 838 7590
Email: christoffer@speedpassion.fi

About Speedpassion

Tony Svartsjö founded Speedpassion in 2005, and the main product has been F1 driving experiences.
In 2019 Speedpassion also started to provide services for Elämys Group within F1 travel experiences.